Author Bios

Jacob Wolf graduated from Northwestern College (now University of Northwestern – St. Paul) in 2011 with a B.A. in History. He is currently working at a small immigration law firm located in the Twin Cities, MN, where he specializes in high-skilled immigration and writes on immigration law and policy (at His intellectual interests include the interaction of religion and politics (via Burke and Tocqueville), critiques of naturalism (via Lewis and Chesterton), and critiques of modernism (via Voegelin and Strauss). Having a voracious appetite for the liberal arts, he also dabbles in Classical Latin, Greco-Roman history/culture, and Hellenic philosophy. His non-intellectual interests include weightlifting, playing/listening to music, and eating delicious BBQ.  He is probably the only person in the world that listens to academic lectures while weightlifting.  He hopes to begin graduates studies in Political Philosophy in Fall 2014.

Jamie Boehmer is a graduate of the University of Northwestern – St. Paul with a Bachelor’s degree in History. He is interested in Early American History and Church History, Political Science, and Christian Thought/Theology. He is also interested in the declining status of education and the loss of virtue in the [r]epublic. Not feeling at home in either the Conservative or Libertarian camps, he is an active and lonely member of the “Conservatarian” party. He also moonlights as a flair enforcer over at Chotchkie’s.

Cambria Jones resides in the Twin Cities, MN. She laughingly labels herself a “Renaissance Woman,” holding a degree in History and living with a passion for philosophy, literature, foreign languages, and the visual arts. On a given day, she can be found reading the oldest book on the library shelves, writing poetry in the darkest corner of a downtown coffee shop, teaching a Bodyflow fitness class, applauding a ballet, or meandering through an art museum. Her future plans include extensive traveling (top of the list: Russia, Turkey, the UK) and a Ph.D. in her area of especial interest, the history of pre-Victorian and early Victorian social/intellectual movements.

Adam Saxton is pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in international relations from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Recently, he spent a semester in Washington D.C. interning for the Heritage Foundation and studying public policy. Passionate about political theory, foreign affairs, literature, the liberal arts, and rhetorical studies, Adam hopes to one day attend law school. Adam helped found a chapter of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute at the University of Northwestern and has been actively involved with the speech and debate team on campus. Adam’s research interests include conservative foreign policy, just war theory, immigration policy, and moral obligations. Whenever he is not caught studying in the library under a mountain of books, he greatly enjoys coaching and mentoring high school students to compete in speech and debate.


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