About TDS

Symposium (sim-poh-zee-uhm) – Noun

  1. A meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, especially a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience.
  2. A collection of opinions expressed or articles contributed by several persons on given subjects or topics.
  3. (In Ancient Greece and Rome) a convivial meeting, usually following a dinner, for drinking and intellectual conversation.
  4. (Symposium) a philosophical dialogue  by Plato (written in 4th century b.c.), dealing with ideal love and absolute beauty.

The Digital Symposium (TDS) takes its name from the Plato’s famous philosophical dialogue, The Symposium, in which several friends and thinkers spend time together eating, drinking, and discussing life’s most important questions.  While all the writers here at TDS were once able to discuss great ideas in person – during our wonderful (and all-too-short) college experience – we have since moved on, in both the geographical and vocational sense.  This blog is an attempt to laugh in the face of geographical distance and to use technology to cultivate an ongoing conversation about the greatest thoughts ever thought.


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